At MYC, we tackle the challenge of logistics by prioritizing cost minimization, enhancing transport efficiencies, and surmounting trade and technical barriers. Our commitment lies in leveraging advancing technologies to meet project requirements within allotted timeframes.

We specialize in providing comprehensive single-window services for integrated projects of any scale, weight, and complexity. Our forte in logistics ensures seamless solutions—anywhere, anyhow, and every time.

We Offer:

  • Logistics for general cargo transportation
  • Logistics for heavy and over-dimensional consignments
  • Feasibility studies for port and road infrastructure related to heavy cargo logistics
  • Multi-modal logistics solutions encompassing road, rail, barge, etc.
  • Specialized logistics for very heavy consignments utilizing hydraulic axle trailers
  • Design and fabrication of custom structures for logistical needs
  • On-site cargo unloading services